Post Bracket

The heart of the Jamix system — is the genius of DockWare post bracket. This inset bracket houses the vertical post and locks it securely in place.

  • supports the modular dock section on the post
  • reinforces the corner joint
  • resists water and weather damage, constructed of 10-guage, zinc-plated steel
  • locks around the vertical post with a stainless steel set screw with anti-seize lubricant
  • bracket is recessed into the frame to protect watercraft, minimize injuries, and reduces the need for expensive hardware covers

Corner Bracket

Reinforce inside angle joints with 12-guage galvanized steel.

Post Foot

Supports vertical metal post on soft lake bottoms.

  • 64 square inches of load bearing area
  • 10-guage zinc plated steel
  • stainless steel set screw with anti-seize lubricant
  • available in both 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" pipe sizes

Hook Brackets

Join adjacent modular dock sections with easy-fit locking hooks of 10-guage galvanized steel.